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The following is really simple, I’ll be brief and get directly to the point.. You can make 100% profit by reselling hypnosis plr audio sessions on MP3 or duplicate and produce CD format. Sell Hypnotherapy self hypnosis sessions for poplar in demand products like hypnosis for weight loss, hypnosis for smoking cessation, hypnosis for unlimited motivation, or any hypnosis sessions from our mega hypnosis bundle.

46 powerful hypnosis Plr for sale available for resell individually or as a full set. These audios are ideal for marketers who own a website or outlet store and would like to have the rights to duplicate and sell. Perfect for hypnosis professionals who wish to expand their product line too.

Hypnosis Resell Plr Audio Question

Are you looking around the Internet at the thousands of people who are making easy money online, wondering if Hypnosis resell can work? The simple truth is, every one of those people have struggled, because the system is firmly rigged against the little guy.

To succeed, you have to have an edge. The self-improvement industry – particularly hypnosis – is hotter now than it’s ever been. With the worldwide economy struggling, people are realizing more and more than they have only themselves to rely on, and they’re turning to self-improvement techniques to improve their lot in life. Massive success stories are built on self-improvement every day, but take a close look at the top earners.

Here’s a hint: they’re not the schlubs writing and selling individual products. Most of them aren’t writing products at all – they’re taking other people’s work, getting full rights to it, and selling a variety of products (that they didn’t have to create) for the price of a single hard-worked product written by a novice.

How’d you like to get in on that game?

You’d need a big pack of Resell Rights Package, with full license to all of them; a solid marketing kit that had all of the elements of modern social marketing; and a few hours every day to put into making the plan come true. I can’t give you a few hours every day – you have to find that on your own.

But I can give you the private label rights all in 5 product bundles of the hottest hypnosis products on the internet. Included is a Resell Rights Profits Master Class - learn everything there is to know how to sell resale rights products and how it can guide you to make more profits – complete with tutorial videos to make more income with Hypnosis).

Why Hypnosis Master Resell Rights?

It’s simple: hypnosis has been regarded as a fringe science for decades, but it’s finally gaining real popularity – mainstream popularity – as world bodies such as the UK government (which recently approved hypnosis as a stand-alone therapy for a variety of illnesses) and the USA’s National Institute of Health (which established a place for hypnosis in its new Office of Alternative Medicine) begin to recognize the power of the practice.

As people across the world are starting to recognize that this phenomenon isn’t just another fad, but that it actually works, the hypnosis field is rapidly growing. Hypnosis CDs and Hypnosis MP3 audio files are in demand everywhere, and the products are truly creating happiness in the lives of the people using them.

By offering these products, you are not only enabling yourself to make good money, but you’re enabling your customers to live better lives, conquering their fears, addictions, chronic pains, emotional disorders, stress, and even see physical improvement. Talk about customer satisfaction!

What’s more, each of the forty six products you’ll be offering are custom-built to address the most common issues that people feel the need to overcome. They use rapid hypnosis inductions and powerful hypnotic suggestions to accomplish their goals.

Does That Really Mean There’s A Market?

You want proof? Look here:


google screenshot proof

That’s over ten thousand searches per day for hypnosis keywords for the subject. The demand is at large for products related to hypnosis. Make money from it!

How Can YOU Profit with Hypnosis Plr audio for sale?

It’s simple. Once you have the Private Label Rights, you simply need to follow the marketing plan I lay out for you. You can relabel the products with any graphic design or name you wish, you can sell them individually or as a product bundle. The choice is yours!

But that’s not all there is to it as I have done the long and tedious thorough research with the hypnosis market. I know where the people who seek out products like this hang out, where they spend their money, and how to divert some of that flow into YOUR pocket.

Do you realize how important it is to have the right reseller kit when it comes to marketing your hypnosis products? I do. And I’ve done the homework, spent countless hours testing and retesting so that you can benefit. Check out the complete hypnosis audio Kit.

Hypnosis Resell bundle includes:

  • Delving Into Hypnosis pdf
  • About Audio Hypnotherapy pdf
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • Promo Emails
  • Complete Hypnosis website script
  • Graphics
  • Recommended Retail Price
  • MMR Licence

What’s better, you don’t even have to stay all-digital. Once you have the legal rights to the audio hypnosis files, you can convert them into CDs, duplicate them, and sell the physical products in actual outlets! You are only limited by the mind!

So Let’s Talk Turnkey

No, that’s not a typo. This is a turnkey business you’re looking at; you will receive hypnosis products mega bundle and the marketing tool kits all for a ridiculously stupid price. All you need to do is add it to your sales, and you’ll be bringing in automated income in no time.

So what ridiculously stupid cost are we talking? Well, remember up above when I mentioned top sellers pricing entire massive product packs at the cost of an individual product? Imagine what they would charge if they threw in a massive marketing plan and resell rights alongside that massive product pack. Would they charge more? I don’t.

That’s right – you can obtain the entire resell audios and selling kit, easily worth well over $400, for the same price that a hard-working product writer would sell his single product for: $37.

Purchasing this set of hypnosis download audio gives you legal right to duplicate for resell with 100% of your own profit. You can duplicate these particular hypnosis audios and sell them in your own way. These hypnosis audios have been some of the most popular hypnosis products on the internet with great testimonies of success from many excited customers.

You now have the freedom to duplicate these audios from your very own master copies and make huge profits from any of your creative forms of selling. A great bonus is that you are not only selling some of the most popular self-improvement products on the market today, but you are selling products that will work effectively for your customers.

That’s less than a mere dollar for each of the hypnosis products within hypnosis resell, and I’m throwing in loads more marketing bonus goodies (and it’s not the only one – look below!) And what’s more, if you’re not completely satisfied, I’m giving you 30 days to test the waters, and if you’re not making any money, just tell us – we’ll refund the entire purchase price. 

Receive not 37 But 46 Hypnosis
audio sessions in 5 Product Bundles!


9 Hypnosis Set

Product Bundle 1

Hypnoman Series audio titles:

Amazing Learning Play audio sample here

2 Attract Wealth

3 Attract Love

4 Be Confident

5 Be Relaxed

6 Make Your Dreams Come True

7 Marketing Focus

8 Quit Smoking

9 Weight Loss


4 Beach Body Mindset

Product Bundle 2

Lose Weight with Beach Body audio titles:

 1 Beach Body Mindset Play audio sample here

2 Exercise Motivation

3 Healthy Eating Habits

4 Stop Snacking 


7 Hypnotherapy All in One

Product Bundle 3

Hypnotherapy All In One Series audio titles:

 1 Millionaire Mindset Play audio sample here

 2 Inner Peace

3 Internet Idol 

4 Concrete Confidence

5 Networking Revolution 

6 Optimal Living

7 Social Supremacy



6 Hypnosis SetProduct Bundle 4

Jesse Berg & Steven B. Schneider audio titles:

Intro Sample Play audio part 1 here

1 Focus & Concentration Play audio sample here

2 Lose Weight

3 Self-Confidence

4 Relieve Stress

5 Better Study Habits

6 Quit Smoking



20 Hypnosis set audio

Product Bundle 5

Adrenaline Series  audio titles:

Harmonic Prosperity Play Sample Audio Part 1 here

Play Suggestion Sample Audio Part 3 here

2 Strong And Confident You

3 Abolish Alcohol

4 Squash Smoking

5 Get Rid Of Procrastination

6 Health Harmony

7 Right Relationships

8 Superb Spirituality

9 Life Control

10 Universe Unity

11 Happiness Unlimited

12 Multiple Passive Income Streams

13 The Bondage Breaker

14 Diamond’s Destiny

15 Perfect Positivity

16 Authentic You

17 Creativity Unleashed

18 Dealing With Sorrow

19 Internet Idol

20 The Last Day

Hypnosis mp3/cd   

46 Hypnotherapy Plr audio with

Master Resell rights kit.

Complete with 5 Product bundles Mega Hypnotherapy Package:

Each Hypnosis package you will receive:

Hypnosis session on (mp3 format)red-tick-mini1
Complete Website for reseller (html script)
 Educational ebooksred-tick-mini1
 Free marketing bonus toolsred-tick-mini1
 Promotional emailsred-tick-mini1
 Hypnosis Scriptsred-tick-mini1
 MRR licensered-tick-mini1

Now available – Fast download server Amazon S3 download links. Size: 1.54 GB

Value over  $400

Now $34.99

One Time Payment – Instant Access!

Instant Download – Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Card, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted

Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

security lock SECURITY GUARANTEED – Shopping with us is safe

Payments processed by Paypal verified secure shopping cart. Upon payment, you will receive a email handled by our secure digital download encrypted system to download the products immediately. For more information about Paypal safety & security, click here

30 day money back guarantee

And Then There’s More…

$250 plus Worth of Unbeatable Value in Bonuses!

Are You ready for this?

red tickResell Rights Profit Master Class

red tickAttractive Multiple add to cart graphics

red tickDVD case template

red tick20 Music relax backing tracks

red tickSimple software to print CD and DVD covers

red tick4 Marketing headline swipe files & power words – Attention grabbing Pdf

red tickInternet Marketing Mindset hypnosis Mp3 by Brad Gosse & Tarek Bibi


That’s easily another $250 in products that you get for above bonuses.

But not for long. These unbeatable bonuses are only available to the first 50 37 customers. And after just the first 100 87 customers, that ridiculous $34.99 price tag is going back up to where it belongs: a nice, comfortable $97.


Hypnosis Resell Package for:

Business Ownersred tick Internet Marketers red tick Network Marketers red tick Life Coachesred tick  Personal Development Enthusiasts red tickSelf Improvement Bloggers red tickWeb Publishers red tick Content Creators red tick


The Best in Hypnosis Profits includes:

[YES] PLR audio can claim full ownership.

[YES] MRR license document.

[YES] Can sell master reselling rights.

[YES] Free marketing tools.

[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites.

[YES] Can be offered for a higher price as a product bundle.

[YES] Website graphics, audios, script, images, ebooks.


Yours in Hypnosis Success


P.S Reminder We’ll provide a 30 Day Money back guarantee on Hypnosis resale rights package that you purchase. So if you are not happy with our product or you havn’t made a sell, we will give you FULL refund. Please Note: you will lose all your rights to resell license. Please contact support.